Kenneth Roberts in the News: New Hampshire’s Mystery Stone

The longer you study a person and their work, the more you’re surprised where they pop up. Today, I came across an article written by Ray Duckler at the Concord Monitor, titled “The Mystery Stone Remains a Mystery. What Do You Think?“, dated April 27, 2017.

In this article, Duckler discusses a mysterious stone discovered by Seneca Ladd in 1872 in a New Hampshire field. The stone is egg-shaped and contains several images sculpted on the surface of the stone. Duckler provides a helpful summary:

It has eight carvings on four sides, including an oval face that looks like a TV alien; an ear of corn and a circle with what looks like a deer’s leg and hoof, a crown-shaped figure and what might be a bee inside the circle; intersecting arrows, a crescent shape (moon?), dots and a spiral, and a teepee above a perfectly rounded circle.

(To avoid any copyright infringement, see the images provided in the article linked above.)

The stone has been of interest since its discovery, even attracting the attention of Kenneth Roberts. According to Duckler, Kenneth Roberts “wrote about it.” Unfortunately, that’s all Duckler says of Roberts. We’re not told when Roberts wrote about the stone, or where he wrote about it. What is the title of the work containing Roberts’ discussion of the stone? And so on….

So, I am left with a mystery about the Mystery Stone…where does Roberts write about this object of interest? I am on the hunt, so hopefully there will be more to share soon!

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