Question: What Other Authors Are Similar to Kenneth Roberts?

I confess, this post is not an informational post. I do not provide insight into a particular novel, or find some gem on the web of some unknown information on Kenneth Roberts. Rather, this is a question from me to you – fellow fans of Kenneth Roberts.

I am currently looking to find some new authors to read, but…I’m rather picky. I find that Kenneth Roberts’ style is right up my alley and find it difficult to find authors with a similar style.  I also find that my years in school have kept me out of the loop of good fiction.  So, here’s my question – what novels do you suggest I look into that are similar to Kenneth Roberts? (I also fiction with philosophical themes (e.g. Leo Tolstoy)).

So, feel free to leave a comment with some suggestions!

A Question and a Freebie

  • I recently had a reader of this website send me an email asking me the following question:

When young, I was an avid KR fan. I seem to remember one of his books talking about lawn mowing at Oxford.  How to get a perfect lawn, mow one way for a hundred years and then the opposite for the next hundred, etc.
Can you direct me to the passage? Or does my memory play tricks on me?

I must confess that I have not been able to find what he is looking for.  I’ve looked through his various essays in For Author’s Only and those provided in the Reader, but to no avail. If you know what our reader is referring to, please email me at:

kennethrobertswebsite at gmail dot com

  • Also, another reader – abradley41 – commented on another post that Barnes and Noble has Oliver Wiswell for FREE for the Nook.  So, if you’re an e-reader fanatic, here’s an excellent Roberts novel for free!  Here is the link.

How Do I Find Out More About Kenneth Roberts?

Before beginning this site, I performed just basic searches on Google for any information on Kenneth Roberts.  Sadly, all I got were short bios that all sounded alike, and this probably because they all referenced the same sources (primarily Jack Bales’ two books on Roberts.  You can reference a short bio on Jack Bales  from a link on the right).

As an instructor, I rarely refer my students to because of how fluid information seems to be on this site (at least in regards to how easily one can adjust information on there).  However, in the case of info on Kenneth Roberts, Wikipedia is one of a few sites that carries extensive (compared to what’s out there) info on Roberts.  So, if you would like to have a brief lesson into Kenneth Roberts in general, refer to the Wikipedia article here.  If you want to catch a glimpse into Kenneth Roberts the person, see Bales’ article located on Dartmouth’s Library Bulletin site here.

If you know of other sites that provide better or more info, let me know!

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