Did You Know? The Correct Name of Roberts’ Beloved Estate

If you’ve followed this website over the years, you’ve seen me write about Kenneth Roberts’ beloved estate he built. In my post, I referred to Roberts’ estate as “Rocky Pastures”, and I am not alone in doing so. Every website and publication I’ve come across does the same.

However, fellow Kenneth Roberts fan J. Funkhouser recently emailed me with the following: Roberts’ estate was actually called Rocky Pasture. Roberts did not make “pasture” plural, but singular.

How does J. Funkhouser know this? According to her email, she not only read all of Roberts’ books, but she actually lived in Rocky Pasture and was good friends with Roberts’ niece, Marjorie Moser.

So, I’d say we have it on good authority that we ought to refer to Roberts’ beloved estate as Rocky Pasture.


2 Responses

  1. Interesting factoid! I have a copy of the pamphlet issued for the Auction of Kenneth Roberts estate (1967) and it identifies the property as “Rocky Pastures.” I also have a 1986 article on Kenneth Roberts by Joyce Butler of The Brick Store Museum in Kennebunk who identifies the property as “Rocky Pasture.” Since your source has lived there, I would be convinced that Rocky Pasture is correct.

    • Very interesting! To be honest, I was not aware of the singular “Pasture.” Everything I’ve read has it in the plural. I enjoy coming across information like this!

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