Kenneth Roberts in the Blogosphere: Dining Chicago and Hot Buttered Rum

It’s interesting where you’ll stumble across mentions of Kenneth Roberts, and today I find Kenneth Roberts mentioned on in a post titled “Drink this! Sweet, hot and rummy” by Leah Zeldes.  In this brief post, Leah provides a recipe for hot buttered rum and a brief description of where it originates and where Chicagoans can find it.  Here is Zeldes’ mention of Roberts:

Where it comes from: Hot buttered rum and similar rum toddies were created in Colonial America, and was a favorite tipple of 18th-century politicians, who reportedly plied prospective voters with the hot, spicy beverage. The drink experienced a revival in popularity in the late 1930s, after novelist Kenneth Roberts mentioned it in his bestseller “Northwest Passage.”

Roberts indeed provides a recipe for hot buttered rum in his Good Maine Food, and mentions it often in his novels, particularly in reference to a favorite character of mine – Cap Huff.

Now, it should be mentioned that the recipe Leah provides is not that of Kenneth Roberts. I am looking for this for those who want to know.


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