Kenneth Roberts in the Blogosphere: King George Inn

King George Inn. Photo courtesy of found in the article by Frank Whelan titled “King George Inn has been refuge for travelers and local folks since 1756”. No name provided of the photographer.

An interesting article in WFMZ – 69 News website highlights an over 250-year old inn called King George Inn and it’s most current owner, Cliff McDermont (title of the article: “History’s headlines: King George Inn has been refuge for travelers and local folks since 1756.”  The inn has hosted guest from the time of the French and Indian War on up today.

The article tells of when Cliff McDermont became interested in the inn.  He had stopped by the inn in the 1960s while traveling on family trips, and fell in love with it.

The inn reminded McDermott of those described by historical novelist Kenneth Roberts in his books about the French and Indian War era. And that image was coupled with tales of the inn he heard from the owners about times there during the Prohibition era of the 1920s.

The novel the article refers to is Northwest Passage, though I am not sure where it is mentioned or under what name it is mentioned in the novel – any references are welcome.  The article does note that the inn has undergone various name changes – the most used name being White Horse Tavern.  You can visit the inn’s website at:  A great piece of American history that dates beyond the Revolutionary War, and a great mention of Kenneth Roberts by the inn’s current owner, Cliff McDermott!


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