Rocky Pastures: A New Series of Posts

Rocky Pastures. Courtesy Paula Robinson-Rossouw

One of Kenneth Roberts lasting legacies is his Kennebunkport, Maine estate, Rocky Pastures – a beautifull, sprawling estate nestled in the woods and far enough away from the main roads to keep the curious onlookers away (if I recall correctly, Kenneth Roberts stated his annoyance at those who would still make their way to his home, as if the long driveway and a sign he’d placed along the way was not  hint enough that he’d rather have privacy than visitors).  Several times I have posted on Rocky Pasture’s being put up for sale, and recently it has attracted attention from Paula Robinson-Rossouw, a designer (see here) taking part in an upcoming public show at Rocky Pastures.

Paula has proven to be a great friend to this website and a great contact regarding the current goings on at Rocky Pastures.  Since I live about a 24 hour’s drive from Kennebunkport, she has willingly sent over some pictures of Rocky Pastures she’s recently taken, and will send over some pictures of the interior of the house after it’s ready for the show.  As such, I’ll be doing a short series of posts of these pictures so you can see what the estate looks like (and if you’re interested in buying it, see here!).  I hope that I can provide some anecdotes from Roberts’ life along with some of these pictures as well.

In addition to the pictures, I will also be passing along information to the Designer Show House (dates, times, Facebook page, etc.) as I receive the information.  If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comment section and someone will answer your question.  I will make another post after this one with some basic information about the Designer Show House taking place at Rocky Pastures.

With that said, let me pass along a picture Paula sent along of a water fountain in the walled garden of Rocky Pastures as it is today:

Here are Paula's dogs in the spot where Kenneth Roberts posed with his dogs 73 years ago. (Photo courtesy of Paula Robinson-Rossouw)

Now, here is a picture of Roberts with his dogs in the same part (but notice there’s a fountain in the spot) with his dogs.  I think it’s funny that, unlike Paula’s dogs, it seems Kenneth Roberts’ dogs want nothing to do with the photo shoot!

Kenneth Roberts posing with his dogs by the fountain in the walled garden of Rocky Pastures. Courtesy "Vintage Maine Images" and the Maine Historical Society

I will post more on the Design Show House shortly.  Stay tuned!


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