Visit Rocky Pastures – Kenneth Roberts’ Estate

I can’t believe that it’s been almost a year since I’ve last posted on this site.  My apologies for lack of attention to this site!  I must confess, I didn’t realize how busy a Ph D keeps you despite hearing testimonials from friends in the program!

With that said, I received a comment from Paula Robinson Rossouw regarding an opportunity for the public to view Kenneth Roberts’ estate, Rocky Pastures.  Here’s what the comments said:

Rocky Pastures will be open to the public for the first time this summer between June 23 and July 14. The Kennebunkport Historical Society are organizing a Designer Show House. Here’s the link:

I must say that this would definitely be a treat for Kenneth Roberts fans, and I am quite jealous of those who can make it!  If you do happen to go and take pictures, I’ll be glad to post them on this site (giving credit, of course, to the source).


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  1. Once the designers have finished their rooms on June 15th, the house will be professionally photographed. I’ll make sure you get a good selection for the site. I currently have ‘before’ shots of all of the rooms and some nice exterior shots – let me know if you’d like to see any of them now.

    We’re designing the living room as a tribute to Kenneth Roberts and his many interests. Your site was most useful in my early research!

    The Brick Store Museum (and their wonderful archivist, Roz Magnuson) is a goldmine of information on Kenneth Roberts, along with our local library, Graves T. Memorial Library. They have everything that Kenneth Roberts wrote and the staff have been invaluable and ever-helpful throughout my research. We plan to have the bookshelves in the living room full of the books that Roberts read and the library have undertaken the mammoth task of compiling many of the titles from my long list to loan to us throughout the show! It’s easy to see why Kenneth Roberts had such a soft spot for librarians and the incredible work they do!

    I’d highly recommend a visit to the Kennebunkport Historical Society , the Brick Store Museum and the Graves T Memorial Library to anyone visiting Kennebunkport to see Rocky Pastures this summer. The work they all do to preserve our history is tremendous!

    • Paula, right now I wish I lived in Kennebunkport instead of Louisville, KY! I would really like to see the work y’all are doing up there. Instead, I’ll have to rely upon the photos to see what it looks like. If you don’t mind sending before and after photos, I’d be more than glad to post them so that way Roberts fans who do not live near Kennebunkport or who do not have the means to visit can see what you did.

      The next time I’m in Maine (which I hope is sooner than later), I will definitely give the places you mentioned a visit – it would be well worth the while!

      Thank you for your correspondence.

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