K.R. in the Blogosphere: The Beak Speaks

I am trying to catch up on things for this site, on of which consists of finding blogs that reference Kenneth Roberts.  So, bear with me for any redundancy, hopefully soon I’ll be caught up!

Over at The Beak Speaks, Beakerkin (?) provides a favorable review of Rabble in Arms, my favorite of Roberts’ works.  Interestingly, the Beak has read and reviewed other works of Roberts, such as Arundel and Oliver Wiswell.  Great to see that there are some who appreciate Roberts’ works today.  Though only half a century removed from the height of his career, he is largely unknown today.  Hopefully this blog will help in getting his name out there, especially to those who want to read good historical fiction.

Any thoughts on how to make this blog better?

***Update 9/2/10*** I found another The Beak Speaks review of a K.R. book, this one on The Battle of Cowpens, probably one of the lesser known books written by Roberts.


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  1. i actually got into reading Roberts by accident. I read Through a Howling Wilderness that references Roberts. Also a devoted fan of the genre got me back into reading this type of material
    before he retired.

    Previously, a few coworkers had read Michner and a far left political clown decided she was going to make a complaint over a few of us reading and discussing the Covenant over lunch.

    The beauty of Roberts is that as he is seldom read the goons who would lecture us what to read really have no idea who Roberts is. They are unlikely to read his enjoyable, but somewhat predictable brilliance.

    I have all of his major works and will be reading them one after the other unless someone pesters me into reading the one last Michener book I missed the Source.

    Reviews are mixed on Lydia Bailey and the Lively Lady.

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