Kenneth Roberts in the Blogosphere: K.R. on Rugby (circa 1935)

I stumbled upon a short article (or blog post?) titled “Kenneth Roberts – On Rugby (circa 1935)” from Wes Clark‘s subsite Rugby Reader’s Review (article written and submitted by Russ Grimm).  In this post, Wes provides a snipet from K.R.’s The Kenneth Roberts Reader in which he provides his observations of a rugby game between Oxford and Cambridge.  Wes provides his own commentary at the end, highlighting K.R.’s other remarks against the English found throughout The Reader.

An interesting and fast read. Great job, Wes Russ, and thank you!


3 Responses

  1. It was I who submitted the article and commentary to Wes’ fine site.

  2. Dan,

    FYI – I think your Kenneth Roberts blog could/would find greater exposure by being added to..(sorry I posted in error to musings first)

    Past in the Present
    American History in the Academic and Public Realms

    my blog was linked today following my request
    My Military History

    thanks for the kind reply/correction on the rugby biggie but it did take me, with my two finger typing, a bit of time to type up the KR article


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