Kenneth Roberts in the Blogosphere

Google is a great tool.  You can search an untold number of websites to find what you’re looking for (most of the time).  One thing I want to see accomplished with this site is a “coming together” of Kenneth Roberts fans.  To accomplish this, I will highlight blog posts dealing with Kenneth Roberts in some form or fashion.  Google, then, helps to accomplish this!

Today I stumbled across a post written by someone anonymous (at the blog titled Fairhope Farms) about Kenneth Roberts’ Rabble in Arms– my favorite novel of all times.  In it she discusses the vividness of Roberts’ language and his attention to detail (in its various forms).  I also admire her for admitting she appreciates Benedict Arnold and Roberts’ portrayal of Arnold (I will hopefully deal with this in a latter post).  Anyway, see this post by clicking here.

***Update 5:22 P.M.*** I’ve added an RSS feed that will include recent posts that deal with Kenneth Roberts in some form or fashion.


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