Kenneth Roberts’ House For Sale

Picture courtesy of Pack Maynard & Assoc. Realty

Picture courtesy of Pack Maynard & Assoc. Real Estate

I came across an interesting find during my search for info on Kenneth Roberts – the house he built is now up for sale in Kennebunkport, ME for around only $7.95 million (I say this facetiously because I do not have this kind of money).   It’s a beautiful home and you can view a slide show of the home by clicking here.  I found the realty posting on Pack Maynard & Associates Realty’s website.  It’s a beautiful home set in beautiful country; you really get a sense of Roberts’ appreciation for Maine country. 

You can also get the sense that he wanted privacy.  In the introduction to The Kenneth Roberts Reader, the editor states in a footnote (n. 2, viii) that Kenneth Roberts had a 1/2 mile long drive way.  As one traveled this driveway, he was encountered with one sign that stated “DEAD END ROAD, NARROW AND DANGEROUS: PLEASE DON’T TRESPASS” (Doubleday in The Kenneth Roberts Reader, n. 2, viii) and another that stated “NOT A PUBLIC ROAD” (ibid, viii).

I hope to one day visit Maine and have the chance to see this home.


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  1. I live down the street from it. It is a gorgeous home and piece of land. We are taking every opportunity to walk down the road and past the house before all the house lots around it are sold, and the home itself is sold. It would make an awesome public park! As seems to be the spirit of the author, it will get back into private hands and be privately enjoyed. Too bad.

    • Thank you, Lauren. If you happen to take some photos of your own, please pass them on and I’ll put them on this site (crediting you, of course!). I doubt I’ll ever get a chance to see his house considering it’s own sale right now. Thanks for your comment and enjoy the Roberts estate while it’s still around!

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